Being a new caregiver can be tough, but when you understand your baby, you can do more.

Maggie is a tool that can give new caregivers more information to provide better care for their babies.

Inspired by cutting edge research and technology, Maggie hopes to be a new way to enhance infant caregiving. Now there's a way to help new parents, babysitters, and other temporary caregivers with understanding their baby's needs.

The mobile app translates baby cries for 0 to 12 month year olds into 5 essential causes of stress. The translations can help distinguish the unique cries your baby makes.

Learning the queues and personalities of your baby can take time and experience to develop. Maggie can bridge the gap for new or inexperienced caregivers by promoting intuitive responses for the best care possible.

By using the app, and with more users overtime, Maggie hopes to eventually be customizable to your individual baby. With smart speakers and baby monitors becoming more advanced and readily available, we hope to eventually integrate Maggie into a unique passive assistance system.

Caregivers can do more through their smart phone and smart speaker systems than ever before.